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Blog pieces are listed in reverse chronological order.

Patricia Sohn, “Why the United States Should Return to Monarchy,” September 4, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “‘The Camila Vargas Show,’ Or, Gender and Power in the Age of Violence,” June 8, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “Local Practices Define Regime Type: Are We A Democracy??” June 2, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “The Case for Premodernism,” May 21, 2020 @ . Originally published as J’accuse! The Case for Pre-modernism, or, the Rural-urban Divide @ E-International Relations, January 25, 2019. Republished here with permission.

Patricia Sohn, “Policy, Political Culture, and Process in Healing: Thoughts in the Covid-19 Era,” May 9, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “The Medicalizing of Political Difference: Of Bleach, Light Therapy, and Pathogens in Politics,” April 25, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “The International Solution,” April 23, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “The Politics of Food: What is Saving my Covid-19 Era Seclusion, Decreasing the Gas Bill, and Decreasing the Food Bill?” April 8, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “The Israeli Elections: New Coalitions? Likud and the Joint List,” March 6, 2020 @ in a new tab)

Patricia Sohn, “What is Socialism and Can It Live With Democracy?” February 29, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “Unrealistic Expectations Derived from Incorrect Premises: The Apartheid Question and Palestinian Dreams,” February 23, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “What Do Local Palestinians Really Want?” February 8, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “Palestinians and the Peace Process: Some Modest Suggestions,” January 29, 2020 @

Patricia Sohn, “How Bad Was It? An Election-Year Retrospective,” January 25, 2020 @ Originally published as part of E-International Relations on-line magazine’s blog, “Subaltern States,” as: “Income Inequality & Subaltern America: Thoughts for U.S. Election Day,” October 27, 2016. Republished here with permission.

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